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Mission "Success" - Step 1: Getting out of your comfort Zone

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

When I look at my fast , my biggest fear was the failure in many aspect of my life. As a worker, partner, mom, friend. I did not or I took low risk steps only, only the steps which would not take me out of my comfort zone as any exposure to new experience made me anxious and fearful.

The worse in that situation was that I did not know how to get out of it. I tried every day to make a small step forward but right away I was taking two huge steps behind. I really did not have a clue how to fix that situation. With every day I felt more and more uncomfortable with my own aura. I felt unhappy and misarable as I never knew myself from that side.

Yet I did change it.

Are you wondering what happened that the situation changed? That I finally got out of my Flinstone's cave?

The very truth is that there was a day I woke up and I though. I want to work here, at my desk, I have a LOT of experience from previous jobs, my partner has a startup so I am up to date with app the tech news, programs, best selling apps, features websites... So why NOT TO use my knowledge, passion and ambitious which is there deep inside of me to create MY startup and get out of my comfort zone? Why not to experience new exciting challenges, meet different people, just feel better about myself and help others? And all of that from my little home office, where coffee tastes the best and sandwiches are always deluxe!

Let's do it!

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