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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

There are couple things I dislike, couple things I accept but there are significant amount of things I truly love!

I grew up in a little city, I would even dare to say in the middle of nowhere with a forest as my back yard. I miss these days when I was able to get up and look through my bedroom window and see the nature, listen to the birds and truly enjoy that amazing experiance.

Nothing else calms me down so well as that.

I am pretty sure one day I will be able to re-create my childhood memories and I will move to middle of nowhere but of course with great Internet connection ;) and I will have that peaceful walk in the forest every day!

For now I need to make my own green space that's why I recommend you to get couple of plants which don't require too much of your time (unless you want to spend more time) and make your working and living space more green. If you have a little garden- get yourself a fruit tree, this is so much fun to grow your products! Get some nice flowers, make your office, your table, anywhere where you work- more green!

I guarantee you will be more relaxed, more focused and just simply more happy!


Keep your plants far away from the heating. If you have floor heating , don't let then stand directly on the floor, The roots will dry out too fast. Sprinkle some water around them once for couple of days , plants like moist air, just please! Be careful with your laptop :)

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